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Enemy Encampment

<Enemy Encampment

Oil on Canvas

      During the Summer of 2015, things heated up on the political front. This scene includes the players in this conflict that was started when the Department of State Lands revised the Beach Bill to enact new restrictions. They decided to require all boats to move out of a 10 mile stretch of river if you stay within that range for over 30 days, and you can't come back for 12 months. The guardians of public access to the river have betrayed their mandate to protect public access, to become the political agents of real estate developers and rich people, and the politicians that serve them. The elements depicted in the painting include; The homeless camp, the itinerant boat, the floating homes, the environmentalist in his little black boat, the West Hills, the pirate fleet, the cop guarding the dumpster, and the surveillance plane overhead. The Oregon State Marine Board has chimed in by removing free access to the Waste-Away sewage pump-out boat that pumps our septic tanks every week. Note: the OSMB pays for pump installation (with our fees) if you promise open public access. So to stop Dale's Waste-Away boat, they took away his right of access. Despite describing that boat in 4 radio interviews, no media has ever mentioned that boat's existence. The media. including OPB and NPR, wants you to believe that all of these boats are discharging sewage into the river. The radio article that I have posted added the segment at the end where the rowing coach complains that such a boat should be created. This from the station that edited his existence out. New State laws have been written to take away your right to use the river. They did it behind your back with State Laws enacted by triple delegation and one corrupt OSMB board member who hates live-aboards. Imagine, two new State laws to try to stop a dozen boats in Portland. I leave it for you to decide which element is the "enemy"

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