Crown Art

Crown Art
27"h x 48"w, Oil on Canvas
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      This one took over 2 months to complete. I had plenty of time to meet the characters that populate the scene. And the puns never stop. Under the "Crown Art" sign is Art. He is shown pushing his cart. This is art about Art. But primarily the painting is about the transition of time. There are plenty of indicators of time in the painting. The building on the right has no less than five colors on it. And a clock on the door. It is a Feng Sheui store. The next time you are on this block, notice how much has changed since the painting.

      The sign "Crown Art" once said "Crown Mart". But when somebody opened up a gallery there, they changed it. And the sign is being used to hold temporary signs and is showing its age. The building in the middle is also in the process of change. The figures, including Bruce selling papers and Mike putting on the siding, are not depicted in the quick frozen pose of photography. Rather, they posed for their figures and held the pose long enough to be painted (except Mike).

      The entire landscape was different by the time I completed the painting. Most of the buildings had been painted, and the trees were bare by the time I was halfway done. Even more has changed since then. I always feel that my best work is the one I am working on, but this one is really one of my favorites.

Crown Art mug
Crown Art by Phil_Fake_Art

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