Rain Watcher

Rain Watcher

2 7"h x 48"w, Oil on Canvas
Larger Image

      I set this view because it reminded me of Hopper's "Early Sunday Morning". Also, my vantage point was covered by nine foot deep steel awning to protect me from the rain. I would only work on this one when it rained. I actually broke down and painted some of the brick grout at home in the living room. After admitting this violation of "plein-airism" to my old Art History professor during a phone call, I was greeted by a moment of silent consideration from her end of the phone.
      This caused me to vow never to do that again. I now work strictly plein-air.

Rain Watcher Detail
There is the face of a young woman in the left hand window by the sign. She sat there only for a few moments, but fortunate for the painting, she provided a lovely, lonely sentiment for a rainy day.
      Hopper would have approved, I think.

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