Empress Eugenie on Beach in Trouville

Empress Eugenia

Oil on Canvas     27"h x 48"w


      This painting was started as a plein air piece about the Sellwood neighborhood. But before I could finish it, we moved out of the area. When I went to finish the composition, I had the problem of how to populate it. The arched window awning brought to mind the parasols from a classic work called "The Empress Eugenie on the Beach in Trouville". When the people, and dogs, in the original painting are translated into the scene, they fit quite well. Since I couldn't use the windows to tip like the parasols, I translated that motion into the swing of the street lights. This painting took all of its 48" of width to get the references and figures into the composition. If you hold the original by Boudin against this image, you can see that even the colors of their clothing is translated into the dress of the people.

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