Why am I painting in the streets of Rainier?

It has never been my place to paint simple landscapes for their own sake,
it is more important to me to depict the transience of human activity.

Circumstances like the wreck of the good ship "Victory", and the experiment of the St Helens gallery, bring the Fake family to Rainier, Oregon.
This is where I am painting a new series about this picturesque little hamlet nestled on the hillside above the Columbia River.
I hope to capture in oil colors, a little of the life and people here in this setting, and tell the visual story of the experience.
The work is meant not so much as "entertainment", but as narrative. They are not just to look at and move on.
There is something in each painting to think about.
There is room for the viewer to enter the scene and be able to be more personally involved.
The work is done almost entirely plen air.
Meeting people as I work, and chatting with them is one of the best parts of the job.
What better way to understand and truly appreciate the scene.

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