Power Lunch

Power Lunch

27"h x 48" Oil on Canvas
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      I went into the Hatfield gallery one day, when I was about to start a new canvas. This was shortly after I started with the gallery. I asked the people working that day where was a good place to paint nearby. They pointed me toward this courtyard that I could see from across the corner. So I set this canvas up there. I could be seen from the front window of the gallery. The staff enjoyed sending people over to talk to me while I worked. I enjoyed it too.
      One day a woman passed with her kids in tow. She liked the painting and commented that her uncle was the architect of that plaza. About three days later, and I do believe not coincidentally, a tall,slender, stately gentleman with white hair, and wearing a dark, pin striped, three piece suit came up to me. The first question he had was, where had I gradauated from.
      "U of O." I said.
      Then He asked how good the architecture program there was.
      I told him that I thought it was excellent. I discussed with him how the students had to understand how architectural, anatomical, environmental, organic, sociological, mathematical and esthetic elements had to combine in order to properly design architecture before they were even considered for admission. He seemed gratified that I was handling my work well. We talked some more.
      Then he left in the same direction he came from.
      I feel fairly certain that he was, in fact, the architect of the causways that I was painting.

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