Nipmuc Underway

Nipmuc Underway
Oil on Canvas 12"h x 22"w

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      Nipmuc Underway was painted for a Navy buddy, and shipmate Mike Becker. You can see him standing on top of the pilot house if you look close. I took a snap of him one day. He felt the need for a good hurrah, and raised his fists high when he saw me with my camera. His revelry became an icon for those happy times. The photo is nothing like the painting. Just Becker in that moment is taken from the snapshot. That "great day at sea" feeling is continued through the painting, as I describe the USS Nipmuc on a tropical day. The painting is a bit idealistic, but some days were like that.

Mike and I exchanged gifts at our ship's reunion. Mike made a black powder hand cannon for me. It graces our living salon on board Victory. I gave him the painting, and it hangs in his home as a tribute to Navy buddys, and good days at sea. Thanks for inspiring the painting, Mike.

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