21"h x 24"w   Oil on Canvas
Larger Image      At Work

It is handy to have something to do in the morning, that does not require too much early rousting. This adorable little boat sat outside the window of my houseboat. The contrast of the morning light was too tempting to pass up.  I really enjoyed breaking a few compositional rules with the slightly oblique angles trapped in a near square.

Boat lovers: NOIBN: Built in 1938 by August Nelson, a german sailor who jumped ship as a young man and spent the rest of his life building Monk designs like this one. Noibn was the last boat he built before retiring and moving aboard her.  August spent the rest of his years on the Willamette and Columbia.

NOIBN is a shipbuilding term that means: No Official Identifying Boat Name.  All of her log books are still aboard, and she is listed with the Oregon Historical Society.


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