Special Requests

Often, I am asked if I would paint portraits of boats, homes, cars, and scenes with special meaning to those asking.
On occasion I have been known to do this.
The pictures below show a few of the special requests I have under taken.


28"h x 22"w, Oil on Canvas. SOLD


__"h x __"w, Oil on Canvas. SOLD

Gordon's World

Gordon's World
27"h x 48"w, Oil on Canvas. SOLD

Gordon's World was the only appropriate title for this painting.
Not only was it commissioned by him, but it depicts his car, a 1948 Plymouth,
his kids, Merril and John, his dog Etta,
his UPS guy, Lee, and his business, Digital Vision Inc.
Gordon himself can be seen in the upstairs window busy at his computer.

The Marriage of Derek and Christie Soanka

The Marraige
21"h x 30"w, Oil on Canvas. SOLD

Christie's love for her husband inspired her to commission this homage to her marriage.
The history of marriage portraits goes back to our earliest Art History.
The composition contains a few metaphorical elements.
Some that were commissioned, and some were added by me.

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