Day Sail

Paintings by Phil Fake

As you peruse my paintings, it helps to understand that the scenes are more than urban plein air landscapes.
I like to use allegory and visual clues within the composition to comment on our place and times.
Click on any of the thumbnail images to learn more about that painting and it's story.

Currently we are busy in the studio creating gallery quality Giclee prints of each image.
You'll find a Giclee on the home page of each painting as soon as they become available.
I print, mat, frame, and sign each work individually.
All Giclee's created in Phil Fake Studios are museum quality, made from archival materials.
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There are no prices listed for original paintings on this site.
If you wish to purchase an original please contact me directly here,
or use the email link at the bottom of any page.

Enjoy your visit.

Empress Eugenia

Recurring Dream

Clinton Street     Clinton Street

Evergreen     Kathy

Holgate Channel     Autumn Circus

Me looking at Them Looking at Me     Hawthorne Bridge     Dragon Boats

prams     The Cove     Pink House

Family Beach     Fake Pirates     Ross Island Lagoon

Cottonwoods     Sun Princess     Bob

Waterfront Marina     Off to Work     Winter Marina

Day Sail     The Salmon Swimsuit     Dorothy's Beach

Noibn     Live-aboards     The View Out My Window

Nipmuc Underway     Nipmuc in Action

Rainier 1     prams     All Ashore

Gee Gee     Andante     Newport Bay

Rain Watcher     Busker

Power Lunch     Priory     Watching the Boats

Crown Art     Mayor of Sellwood

Gary's     Gordon's World     Brooklyn Pharmacy

Starbucks     Westmoreland Coffee     True Brew

Reflection     On the Avenue

Bike Path     Bike Ramp     Oaks Park

A Moment     TheJudgesGarden     Front Yard

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